Parent education is a critical component of our services.    We believe parents are essential to a child’s progress and that learning should not end when the Direct Interventionist leaves your home.  Our partnership with parents optimizes each child’s treatment success and teaches their family a life- long set of practical skills that can be implemented at home on a day-to-day basis throughout the years. Services start with a Functional Behavior Assessment of targeted behaviors conducted across multiple environments and development of a Positive Behavior Support Plan.

Our highly skilled Parent Training Consultants teach families to use our competency based Parent Training Curriculum,  providing tons of practice and helpful feedback.  A few of the  topics we teach include: 

  • Basics of ABA
  • Teaching Self Help skills  
  • How to effectively intervene with challenging behaviors
  • Teaching functionally equivalent replacement behaviors
  • Utilizing natural teaching opportunities during daily routines to increase learning      

BSP also offers parenting classes on a variety of relevant topics including toileting training, ensuring successful community visits, facilitating social interaction with playmates, etc.