BSP to Resume Direct Services In-Home with approved safety precautions

To ensure that all of our clients, family members and BSP staff remain safe, BSP is implementing the following policies and procedures in accordance with guidelines issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Orange County Health Department:

·         Limit the number of BSP staff on a case that go in-home

·         Limit the number of cases each BSP staff member visits in-home

·         Parent Training Consultants and Supervisors will continue to conduct telehealth sessions 

·         Conduct health screenings for families and BSP staff prior to each visit

·         Staff use masks and gloves

·         Client and family members in direct contact with BSP staff will be asked to wear masks* while other family members will practice social distancing**

·         Families will be asked to disinfect door handles, cabinets, tables, sinks, etc.